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Our Team:

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Petya Romanova - President & Executive Director

Attorney. Master’s degree in law. Bachelor degree in International relations. Five years of experience working with nongovernmental organizations that included managing and implementing projects, evaluating performance of projects, conducting seminars, organizing conferences, and researching funding opportunities. Participated in the 2012 NATO Summit as a member of the Bulgarian delegation. Petya speaks five languages -  English, Bulgarian, Italian, German and Russian.


Ivan Petrov - Secretary

Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from DePauw University in Indiana. Economic consultant with five years of experience in analyzing complex financial and business issues. Ivan speaks English, Bulgarian and German.


Stella Tahrilova - Director Event Management MCE, ABR, CNE, ADPR, BPOR; Vicepresident & Treasurer

Stella is a Certified Negotiation Expert who hold's a Master degree in Civil Engineering. She is very intelligent with positive attitude and high professional standards. She speaks Bulgarian, Russian and English. Stella is highly skilled also in planning, organizing and coordinating national and international seminars, conferences,  meetings with leading experts. She had developed, planned and implemented business, cultural, and training programs for European executives enhancing their economic opportunities with the USA.  Served as a host at events.She had created and coordinated projects to establish and develop cooperative international relationships, joint initiatives, and business activities between US corporations and Eastern European enterprises. Awarded from Stuart School of Business, IIT, for organizing, implementing and coordinating a significant international seminar in Chicago with European CEO.


Ramona Ratiu - Information Systems Consultant

Born and raised in Romania, Ramona has moved to US in 2004, after earning her BS in Finance and continued her education in Outer Banks, North Carolina. She moved to Chicago 4 years ago and recently graduated from DePaul University with a MS in Information Systems. She strongly believes in the power of positive thinking and she enjoys getting involved in projects that will make a difference in others life.

Favorite motto: “You will rise by lifting others.”- Robert Ingersoll

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